Learn how to quickly identify discrimination in the workplace in case you need to file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC").

No, you are not crazy!

They really are targeting you at work. 

Let me guess ... you're stressed out because you can't prove it?

No worries! You just need the right tools to help you can stand up for yourself.

You can learn to confidently spot unlawful behavior.

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About Employee's Ed.

"Advocacy for All"

For most of us, we have to take a driver's education course before we can become licensed drivers. This is so everyone can be as safe as possible on the road. But we don't take any courses on how protect ourselves at work! That is, until now.

Attorney Anitra combines social science with the law to create easy-to-understand instructions for all employees. 

Attorney Anitra K. Brown is licensed in North Carolina, but is able to advise employees in all states about Federal Employment Discrimination Law.

Attorney Anitra aims to make sure everyone in America has access to advocacy.

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